Sunday, April 27, 2008

Coachella: im there right now!!!

so so far Coachella 08 has been a great success. The temperature is hovering around 95, so not too hot in terms of what it usually is. The rankings so far are:

5.) Hot Chip
I wasnt really in the middle for this one (for once), but they are very good singers live and their skill on their instruments is quite good as well. a nice show to kinda chill out to.
4.) Sebastian
Ed Banger at its best. SebastiAN was great, and the crowd was jumpin. The best part of the show, by far, was when he dropped Simon Says. The crowd went nuts.
3.) Boyz Noize
The best crowd control i have ever seen by a DJ. He didnt mess around and played all of his hits in a row. he had everyone jumping all around.
2.) Yelle
Perfect. In every way. This is actually tied for first (pendulum wins because it was a much longer show). Jesus though, she was such a great performer and everyone was so happy. and i got Tek as a mofo. it was perfect.
1.) Pendulum
AAAHHHHHHH. pure man adrenaline. the pit was 30 ft across and just full of violence. and bass. and nasty synth lines, and australian accents. f*** it was good. voodoo people, fasten your seatbelts, blood suger, good

-- so after sunday these may change, but i just wanted to say that Prince was brilliant as well, especially 1999 and his closing encore of Purple Rain.

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