Monday, April 28, 2008

The REAL Coachella Post

I will now review every show i attended:

DJ Mehdi - The happiest DJ on earth. Good musical choice and got people dancing.
SebastiAN - Very good. He tore it up with all of his own remixes and other random songs. He is so badass. he performed in all black and dress shoes. wow. ( I met him)
Busy P - He was OK. He had good musical choice, but doesnt have any of his own music. ( I met him)
Diplo - He was fun. good music and some good remixes, but nothing special.
Aphex Twin - This was such a weird show i dont know what to say. it was very good though.
Pendulum - Tied with Yelle for best of the weekend. Described in the previous post.
Spankrock - Didnt show up, so very bad. But Amanda Blank is hot.
Fatboy Slim - very good, 2nd place in the visuals contest.
Institubes - Curses aka Drop the Lime was disappointing, Orgasmic was good, Para One was good until his gear broke, and Surkin killed it both days, White Knight 2 owns.
Uffie - Was bad. she had these random rappers with her who were utterly horrible. And she just wasnt that good.
Kavinsky - a let down for me. he used too many effect buildups for my taste and Testarossa Autodrive and the SebastiAN remix couldnt make up for the rest of the set.
James Zabeila - Fun show, he was clearly happy to be there and I like that a lot.
Boys Noize - murdered the crowd. read previous post.
Erol Alkan - Nice bass, not a good show though.
Hot Chip - Very good, read previous post.
Junkie Xl - Xcellent, laid the smack down on the Sahara tent
Kraftwerk - Fantastic. Really. The music and the visuals were so great and it was so much fun to watch. and the robots...
Mark Ronson - cool idea, bringing many artists he produces for on stage. i was overjoyed to see Black and Gold live.
Yelle - Also tied for 1st. I met her and her band and danced with them during Surkin. YAY
Calvin Harris - Very fun, good crowd energy, love his voice, and of course he gets all the girls.
Prince - WOW, read previous
Sean Penn - Dude, your a rich actor. Stop trying to be a commoner. The message was very important though, keep that up.
Dimitri from Paris - Surprisingly fun, played lots of oldies and mowtown.
Deadmau5 - not good. the buildups were louder than the drops so that killed the mood.
Gogol Bordello - they were great last year in Mojave, so i wasnt sure how the switch the the Main stage would treat them. They were so good. the pit was enormous and every one was so happy. seeing intense moshers doing Balkan gypsy dances and loving it was a once in a lifetime thing.
Kid Sister/A-Trak - A-Trak is a really good DJ, he played a blogtastic set, Kid Sister is ok, i really like Damn girl.
Spiritualized - so nice and calming after Gogol.
Sia - Was great. The costumes and set pieces were wonderful and her voice is gorgeous.
Modeselekor - the music was bumping and i love how their stuff isnt too fast. A+
SMD - Bad and boring. cool setup though.
Chromeo - GGGGGGRRRRREEEEAAATTTT. The "west coast medley" was so funny and fun. and Mommas Boy was beautiful.
Justice - what a letdown. Too loud and too crowded. When i think about it, i dont like their music that much either. i know im probably the only one, but whatever im honest.

Other highlights-
The Pod Village is so cool, they played "dont lose your head" in there.
I saw a dust devil/tornado pick up 20 or so trash cans and Jeff G and I ran into it.
the light cube is always cool.
The gyros are really good, so is that lemonade thing.

Coachella 08 was a success

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Coachella: im there right now!!!

so so far Coachella 08 has been a great success. The temperature is hovering around 95, so not too hot in terms of what it usually is. The rankings so far are:

5.) Hot Chip
I wasnt really in the middle for this one (for once), but they are very good singers live and their skill on their instruments is quite good as well. a nice show to kinda chill out to.
4.) Sebastian
Ed Banger at its best. SebastiAN was great, and the crowd was jumpin. The best part of the show, by far, was when he dropped Simon Says. The crowd went nuts.
3.) Boyz Noize
The best crowd control i have ever seen by a DJ. He didnt mess around and played all of his hits in a row. he had everyone jumping all around.
2.) Yelle
Perfect. In every way. This is actually tied for first (pendulum wins because it was a much longer show). Jesus though, she was such a great performer and everyone was so happy. and i got Tek as a mofo. it was perfect.
1.) Pendulum
AAAHHHHHHH. pure man adrenaline. the pit was 30 ft across and just full of violence. and bass. and nasty synth lines, and australian accents. f*** it was good. voodoo people, fasten your seatbelts, blood suger, good

-- so after sunday these may change, but i just wanted to say that Prince was brilliant as well, especially 1999 and his closing encore of Purple Rain.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Quick Note

So today Wearing My Rolex by Brit Grime rapper Wiley hit #1 on the UK itunes music store.

I had that song over a month ago. and that is why you read this blog.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Coachella Skeg


DJ Mehdi
Midnight Juggernauts
Busy P
Architecture in Helsinki
Cut Copy
-then the hours of death where i want to see everyone
Aphex Twin
Fatboy slim


Boys Noize
Erol Alkan
Hot Chip??
Mark Ronson
Calvin Harris


Gogol Bordello
Does it Offend you, Yeah?
Kid Sister

Friday, April 18, 2008

Stress (Auto Remix) - -Justice

This is the new Justice song off of the new Ed Banger compilation CD Ed Rec III

tell me what you think

copy and paste the link, then press download

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mean wit it - - JDP

Listen to this beat. It is so cool and his voice is so damn smooth

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunday, April 13, 2008

More songs for hot weather

Tek Weh Youself - Mr Vegas

What do dem say jah no

Copy and paste the link into your URL bar

Some jams for the hot weather

This one is a Daft Punk cover you all should know

Saturday, April 5, 2008

New Trax

Dip it Low (Deekline and Wizard Remix)- - Stanton Warriors

Load rocket - -Computer Club

Great new band/project

Computer Club owwwnssssss
ill post some mp3s later

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bounce ft. NORE - MSTRKRFT

They are back with a vicious collabo. This is the first rap track i can remember them doing, and it is god.